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About Us


Web store has been established due to long years of enthusiasm to knives, blades and other features intended to outdoor usage. Founders of a company have been since youth hobbies using and testing ­different products. During our study, we coincidentally learned about materials, production techniques, surface treatment and other technical knowledge about blades manufacture. We thrust, that at any work the passion to work fields is key of success, what is especially true for a web store you just have visited. As is valid for our web store, that it is made with story and personal commitment, it is also valid for majority of products on our web-store.


 We try to include products which are quality, offers good ration between price and quality and are made in companies in which passion, commitment and tradition are the most important.


Main goals of Sharp-planet:

- Offering as many information about our products as possible

- To advice our customers and answer on their questions

- Offering highest customer service and support for long period

- Offering modern online and purchasing methods

- Ensuring compatitive prices

- Ensuring quick delivery



We paid special attention to correct attitude with our customers and we are always available for advices and aftersales services and support.

Due to very large number of all products, perhaps we did not include a product that you would like. If so, do not hesitate to write us to and we will deliver it for you.


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