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Military - Viper Magà Knife

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Viper Magà  Knife Series


Viper Magà is definitely a hit in knife industry in year 2014. It was represented at Shot Show in USA and in IWA fair in Germany. A success can be attributed to its distinct design and new bearings for rotational mechanism.


The designer of the knife is Israeli army Krav Magà martial arts instructor and knife designer Boris Manasherov. Viper Magà is the first knife made in collaboration between Manasherov and Tecnocut.


Viper Magà is a folder blade knife designed for tactical and outdoor use. The purpose of the knife depends on its configuration.


Viper Magà Blade


The most special part of the Viper Magà knife is definitely the blade. The blade has modified drop-point shape. The end of the blade is really pointy. The first part of the blade is the thickest and the middle part has a concave shape on spine and on the blade edge. The blade is really versatile and useful. The blade edge can be optionally plain or combo-serrated on the concave part of the blade. The length of the blade is 9.5 cm and the thickness is 3.7 mm.


Viper Magà Blade material


The blade of Viper Magà is made of stainless steel Böhler N690Co. The blade has three optional blade surface finishes:



The satin surface has semi-gloss appearance; the surface is very fine. The stonewashed appearance is obtained with blasting of the blade; the surface has mat appearance, reflect only at some point. The PVD coating, Phisical Vapour Deposition, is a special coating process, where very thin layer of metal is coated onto the blade surface. The PVD coatings are the strongest coating and they totally protect the knife again corrosion and other external impacts.


Viper Magà opening and rotational mechanism


Both opening and rotational mechanism of Viper Magà are the novelty of the Viper by Tecnocut Company.


The knife has one-hand opening, which is similar to the thumb-stud. Instead of thumb, five parallel notches are used instead. Thus blade is opening using the thumb.


The rotational mechanism of the knife has thrust bearing system. Ball bearings are set in a bearing ring. The majority of folder blade knives has bronze washer used for rotational system.


Viper Magà locking mechanism


The locking mechanism of is classical liner lock.


Viper Magà handle


Viper Magà knife has four optional handle materials:



All metallic parts of the handle are made of stainless steel.  Spacers, screws and liners are made of AISI 420 tempered stainless steel


Handle has a belt clip for attaching a knife on the belt or a jacket. The belt clip is made AISI 420 tempered stainless steel.


Viper Magà knife is made by Viper by Tecnocut in Maniago in Italy.



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